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we are real

We always insist on the mission on sharing freshness and caring about health

our concept

Providing the freshest fruits, milk and different kinds of drinks for our customers' health

our guarantee

Medical grade water purifier, top food grade stainless steel ensure the safety and quality of each cup of our milk tea

Only use real stuff

our drinks

Customers can sip on a lemonade, freshly squeezed juice or opt for a milk tea with flavors like red bean, coconut jelly or cream. Our range includes Panna Cotta & Pudding, Original Ginger, Milk Tea, Milk Foam, Latte, Coconut Series, Freshly Squeezed Juice, Smoothie, Probiotics, Egg Waffle, with Limited and Special offerings plus all sorts of toppings.

Recommended Drinks

  • Milk Tea With Brown Sugar Jelly
    牛魔王黑砖奶茶 900KJ
  • Super Mixed Fruit Cubes & Green Tea
    超级大果粒水果茶 1025KJ
  • Original Egg Waffle
    原味鸡蛋仔 1891KJ
  • Mango Sago Pomelo Coconut Milk
    杨枝甘露 (500ml & 700ml) (Cold Only) 1018KJ
  • Fresh Lemonade
    柠檬活水 1109KJ
  • Thai Milk Tea
    泰式奶茶 920KJ
  • Green Grape Kwas
    青提格瓦斯 (700ml Only) 998KJ

Hey Juice is always around you

we are growing

As the industry leader and a well recognized brand, we believe that healthy product environment originates from the industry leader, to make healthier tea spread to the public life in a more rapid way. We have already established multiple stores across Sydney, our reputation and quality have given us the motivation and and opportunities to expand our franchise not only in Sydney but also the rest of Australia.

Enjoy Each Sip

Popularity of Fresh and Healthy

Hey Juice has become a day-to-day addition of our customers, they enjoy our healthy drinks, in addition they enjoy showing off what they have through their social media interactions, our stores are always busy but we can keep up our services and customer's satisfactions.

Customers Talked About Hey Juice

Their Eastwood store is the one i always go, very typical yellow container design so you won't miss it, i love their promotions and the quality of the food.
I love the selection of their food and drinks, those with a sweet tooth can also indulge in decadent desserts such as pannacotta, matcha pudding or banana egg waffle.
Each with their own rendition, I find that the Hey Juice version affords the most generous portion of fruits, while actually still being a tea and not loaded up on sugar syrup.